Impact on Consumers

Hey, want to pay higher prices for your prescription drugs? Of course you don't. Unfortunately, some lawmakers in the New York legislature are trying to sneak through legislation that would do just that. Their plan is the equivalent of a tax on prescription drugs for everyday New Yorkers.

Currently, millions of New Yorkers can choose to receive their prescriptions – typically for chronic conditions like high-blood pressure or high cholesterol that require regular medications – from mail-order pharmacies with discounts of 10 to 15 percent compared to retail pharmacies. These pharmacies provide busy New York families and individuals with limited mobility safe and affordable prescriptions that are conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

But now some New York legislators want to ban mail-order pharmacy discounts and force New Yorkers to pay more. Who benefits from banning mail-order pharmacy discounts? Powerful special interests who are working overtime to insulate themselves from competition. They want to use the New York legislature to stop mail-order pharmacies from offering discounts, keeping drug costs higher.

Experts agree that laws banning mail-order discounts are a bad deal for New Yorkers. The federal watchdog agency, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has said these types of laws "will raise prices for, and reduce access to, prescription drugs." Medicare has specifically rejected these types of bans and allows seniors and the disabled to access mail-order prescription discounts.

We all know that the cost of daily living – groceries, gas, doctor visits, clothing, you name it – has gone sky high in recent years. Don't let the New York legislature make things worse by forcing you to needlessly pay more for prescription drugs.

Tell your New York legislator to Stop the Rx Tax - OPPOSE S. 3995/A.5723!