Impact on Consumers

If House Bill 511 is approved by the Pennsylvania legislature, Pennsylvania will pay more for prescriptions.

Today, consumers have the choice to save money by using mail order pharmacies for less expensive, safer, more convenient prescription drugs. Now, some pharmacies want to roll back the clock and take away your right to save money on your prescriptions...simply to benefit their own bottom line.

Even the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the federal agency that protects American consumers, finds bills like this one to be anticompetitive.  The FTC has opined that it “will raise prices for, and reduce access to, prescription drugs.” When health care costs increase, everyone will pay more – businesses, consumers and the Pennsylvania government.  Read the letter here.

But it's not just about saving money - giving Pennsylvaniva residents the choice of using home delivery means we get the best possible combination of quality, price and convenience. Studies show that mail order prescriptions are 23 times more accurate than retail pharmacies. With this level of quality and savings, it's no wonder that 9 out of 10 consumers who choose mail service pharmacies reveal they are satisfied with the delivery, accuracy and professionalism of the service.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, health insurance costs for families have increased 147% in the last decade and will continue to rise dramatically as businesses decrease coverage for employees. More and more patients - including the elderly, disabled, military personnel and people living in rural areas - find that having regularly needed medication delivered to their home is more convenient and less expensive.

Tell your Legislator to Stop the Rx Tax - OPPOSE HB 511!