Patients can save 27% on brand name drugs and 53% on generic drugs at home delivery pharmacies.
Health insurance premiums for small businesses have more than doubled in the last ten years.
The verdict is in - peer reviewed journals and government studies set the record straight ...

Take Action to Stop the Rx Tax!

Some Pennsylvania pharmacies are trying to take away our right to save money on prescription drugs. Earlier this year, some House legislators bowed to pressure from special interests and passed a bill out of committee that prohibits discounts for mail order prescriptions. The bill will soon be sent for a vote on the House floor.  We need to urge your representatives to OPPOSE it to keep our drug costs from increasing!

Even the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the federal agency that protects American consumers, finds that bills like this one are anticompetitive. The FTC wrote that it "will raise prices for, and reduce access to, prescription drugs.” When health care costs increase, everyone will pay more – businesses, consumers and the Pennsylvania government.

This legislation is a terrible deal for residents of the Commonwealth. Many employers and insurance plans encourage patients to use home delivery so we can have access to safe and affordable prescription drugs. The drug store down the street is great for medications we need immediately, but millions of patients find that having regularly needed medication delivered to their home is more convenient and less expensive.

Tell Your Representative to Stop the Rx Tax - OPPOSE HB 511!

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